Guitar Changes Its Identity by Replacing Its Wooden Heart


The guitar is a wonderful musical instrument. It is versatile, sounds great, and has a place for all kinds of musicians: from beginners to professionals, blues to heavy metal, and children to adults. The longer you play, the more you experiment to find a different sound, or in other words, another identity for your loved guitar.


Amit Zoran, Pattie Maes and Marco Coppiardi continue to work on musical instruments and have provided their guitar with a replaceable wooden heart.

This musical project has combined an acoustic instrument with virtual abilities. The wooden heart has its distinct settings and sound, which with a virtual sound box, provide flexible sounds and capabilities.


This is simply an amazing idea: as musicians play their acoustic instruments, they would be able to change the heart of the guitar without adding special effects to amend their sound. This in fact will keep a specific loved guitar intact and normal, but its identity and sound will change.


Via: Architectradure