Anger Release Machine is a Vending Machine Miracle


Have you ever been so angry you wished you could break something? If you think about it now, aren’t you certain that if you could break something at a time of stress, it could actually relieve it? The Anger Release Machine provides that remedy but in a convenient vending machine.

Just imagine fighting with your boss, girlfriend, or best friend, and being so frustrated without a way to let out that stress. Yarisal Kublitz has created a vending machine where you may take your anger out on small pieces of china. Did I mention this felt like a miracle?

Simply drop a coin, pick the china you want shattered, the machine will drop it to the bottom in a sheer of carelessness, to be broken within your eyesight.

I know it is not as good as breaking it ourselves, but c’mon, then we may actually take that china and be tempted to break it on the person who stressed us out in the first place.

Via: SlipperyBrick