Wireless Electric Skateboard: Altered lets you Charge it and Ride it


I used to be a skater in my early teens and took my skateboard with me everywhere I went. It was a lot of fun at the time, but when I step on a board now, it seems to be taking a lot more effort than I remember. Now I long for an electric one to take me everywhere, while allowing me the open space of a skateboard. Altered has devised a nice wireless electric toy that’s easily rechargeable.

The Altered Skates Pro Module 600 could be that electric skateboard we longed for as kids. It doesn’t just let you ride on it, but is measured by its speed and time, say…0-19 MPH in 4 seconds. That sounds absolutely amazing! I know that in that short amount of time, an individual may not be still standing on the board once it hits 19MPH or 4 seconds later (whichever comes first).

Still, that is pretty fast, and I am hoping we could get used to that by taking off a little slower, or retrieve it if it gets away with its wireless controller.

It fully charges in 4 hours, which will grant you approximately 8-12 miles riding distance. Still sounds pretty cool.

For $499, the Altered Pro Module 600 is a bit expensive, but is a wonderful toy for any kid (or adult). You can find additional information or make a purchase through Altered.

Via: TechDigest