Keep Awake with the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm


When we think of alarm clocks, they are usually meant to wake us up at a specific set time, so we could start our day or get ready for a certain occasion. This may be the common concept of alarm clocks, but wouldn’t an alarm that keeps us awake also be beneficial?

Many of us have been in a few dangerous driving conditions, where we were extremely tired and keeping awake would not just get us to our destination quicker but keep us alive. On a lighter sense, there are also gamers that play for hours upon hours and cannot ‘afford’ themselves the time to nap. A third example where we would like to stay awake is a studious environment with individuals who are attempting to pass a White Night of studying and find it difficult to follow through because of the tremendous lack of sleep. None of these examples are meant to condone such acts or habits, but many still experience them and choose to. If you must go through such times and staying awake is necessary and desired, then there is the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm from


The Anti Sleep Driving Alarm is meant to keep you awake. It is not set by a specific dead time or lack of activity but by the tilt of your head. The device sits nicely behind your ear during your action (driving, gaming, reading, etc.) and senses when you are getting really drowsy by the tilt of your head. In order to wake you, alarm you of the situation, and snap you out of the dreamy state, a high pitched alarm sounds off if your head tilts more than 30 degrees.


Again, I do not recommend driving once you are tired and fatigued, and rest is probably the best remedy in such a state. Unfortunately, we don’t always do what is good for us and casually think we can outsmart our own bodies and minds. In case you want to be ready for those certain times, the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm may be able to keep you awake and ready, so you can finish the task you set out to do…hopefully not anything that could cause harm in case you do actually fall asleep.