DNA Model Art Projects

The DNA model is an extremely interesting thing and its art projects are personal masterpieces for your home. DNA is basically a scientific genetic code which proves each one of us is his/her own unique being.

DNA 11 have decided to combine each person’s unique code with his or her own art piece for home or office. As the pictures illustrate, we can clearly see a difference in each portrait. Since each individual DNA is different, no art project is the same, therefore creating a completely original print.

We have seen other code influences such as Ascii art made by printing ascii code on usable and practical curtains, but this provides a completely different personal artistic touch to your home.

By a simple saliva swab, you can provide your own DNA breakdown which may be made into an art portrait based on the design specs you select. If you like a certain print more than others, you can either re-swab, or ask them if they have a cloning possibility.

Via: FunIs2Cool