Xbox Mods: Xbox 360 Shell for Gears of War

Xbox mods are always so creative! Users, gamers, and individuals play hours upon hours on the Xbox 360 and still find time to create an actual original project, making their Xbox become a powerful lit machine and a force to be reckoned with. This Xbox mod has been created for Gears of War, including lights and power to hail it as an amazing mod.

The Xbox has tremendous backing both by its own fans and others that have only played it a few times, yet I have mentioned before that I think it beats the PS3 and Wii by its looks. It is a slick machine, has beautiful curves, and you are proud to have it sitting in your home entertainment center, glowing back at you.

This new Xbox mod for Gears of War is another amazing display of fans improving on the attractiveness of the Xbox 360. The video below shows the power oozing out of this game console, including some powerful music to introduce and accompany the Xbox mod.

The Gears of War mod stands alone has a great modification, yet we must not forget previous Xbox mods, such as the shell made of alligator skin. Besides the obvious tough skin, it was edgy and alive.

Via: Llama