Introducing Blue Boy Custom Segway Scooter

The Blue Boy Custom Segway should have been included in the Top Cool Segway Scooter Collection, but we unfortunately missed it. It is a beautiful Segway modification that seems retro yet practical.

This Segway PTi scooter has been hand crafted and modified by Segway Junkyard to include an aluminum body and nickel batteries. The aluminum really gives it a ‘shop’ design, and a unique look that seems more attractive for daily use. IT doesn’t have a ‘futuristic’ look like the regular Segway, but it does seem more fun to go for a short grocery ride. I could see more people riding on this kind of vehicle to a friend’s barbeque or a sports match rather then the regular models.

If you are interested in more information or perhaps want one for yourself, the Blue Boy Segway scooter is currently available for $8999 on Ebay.

Via: GizmoWatch