Transform Your Cellphone into a Scanner

Our cellphones are becoming more and more productive, granting us many different applications and connectivity options to do so. There are cellphone applications for mobile desktop access, cellphone documents sharing, digital post it notes, and now a project to help transform your cellphone into a scanner.

The Cellphone Evolution has continued and while cameras were a rare thing on cellulars in the past, they are now a major feature and are getting better. Some of these cameraphones have beautiful resolution, wonderful display and provide a great solution for taking photos or scanning documents.

This simple project builds a foundation for your personal cellphone, so it may become your home scanner. By the use of the cardboard building, you have the ideal setting to take pictures of your documents, photos and other papers. The position is perfect, the resolution (based on your camera) could be sufficient, and it may provide just the practicality that you need from scanners…without taking up the space or time, or getting the headache scanners usually give.

Core 77 Via: BBG