How To Build a Miniature Electric Shock Gadget

Remember those Electric Shockers that kids love pranking their friends with? They fit in your hand, so when you make a nice gesture to shake someone’s hands, you give them an electric shock therapy that really wakes them up. This DIY shows you how to build one of those Electric Shock gadgets but make them really small…no bigger than a penny.

Who says only children are allowed to prank people? Having an electric shock gizmo to shock your friends, family or co workers could be a great ice breaker, or help you definitely provide electric shock therapy making no one bother you again.

Please note, this electronic shocker project is not a simple one, and you must be handy with the soldering iron. In addition, this little electric gadget gives out 450 shocking volts, so it could also be dangerous. It should be used cautiously. Moreover, we are not responsible for any harm or injuries incurred from this project and gadget.

Full Instructions, images and details are provided in the link below.

Via: Instructables