How To Build a Retro Entertainment Center

You can learn how to build your own retro styled entertainment center. Whether you have a bachelor pad that needs a retro finish to make it complete, you are seeking a unique looking entertainment center that would not be available at IKEA, or would rather not spend your hard earned cash on an expensive stereo and center for your music, this is an amazing do it yourself project with a beautiful touch.

When I first moved to my most recent apartment, I envisioned building a new entertainment center that would combine my old Stereo with my previous laptop. I still haven’t got to it, but this diy project is more than inspiring. It combines a few decades of various technology into one retro component. It still provides the stereo that our parents would know how to use and the high tech laptop that we would rather use.

The great thing about it is the entire effect. The entertainment center can be easily moved from place to place for a better fit in your flat, the laptop is installed in a hidden drawer for space efficiency, and the display is easily visible on top to view your entire playlist.

Via: Unplggd