History of Pac Man T-Shirt

What is the History of Pac Man? With this Pac Man T-Shirt, we get a little glance at the association of this popular video game giant and pizza.

Pac Man is so popular, and different video games, creations, and designs are still created today. Parallel in its success to Space invaders, the two are making a comeback with Fan’s view of these two video game giants. Some great concepts we have previously seen are an alternative way to Play Pac Man on your Sofa, the Pac Man Movie, the Space Invaders Belt Buckle, and even a Retro Space Invaders Keyboard.

This new T Shirt designed by Reece Ward combines our yellow friend with some historical statistics, providing the History of Pac Man with the consumption of Pizza. Based on the pie-chart, it seems that the second people did besides playing Pac Man was eat pizza. Actually, it makes a lot of sense.

If you would like to present this important fact to the world, the shirt is available at RedBubble for $24 in various colors.