How To Build a Solar RC Car

RC cars have always been loved by children and adults. Some have become so obsessed that they modify, change, build upon and create amazing RC cars for racing and fun. Whether you are a big fanatic or simply looking for a different project, you can learn how to integrate a Solar Panel to power up your own RC car.

At first look, this car seems a little different, and some probably are wondering where the race stripes will go. But do not judge so quickly, this is a true RC car that is solar powered by custom made solar panels and is made for racing. On another note, if you take this project on, you will be a really unique kid (or adult) on your street that will be playing with RC cars and also helping the environment. So think about it, this is a projct you cannot ignore.

All instructions, images, list of needed materials and notes are available – Just go Build it.

Via: Instructables