16 Cool Computer Speakers for Portables and Home Stereo

Computer speakers come in various shapes, sizes and designs and each has its own benefit and advantage: sound, looks, convenience or any other reason which a user logically justifies the reason to make the purchase.

Below we have gathered 16 cool computer speakers that are good for your computer, portable MP3 players or perhaps you would want to hook up to your home stereo.

1 Creepy Skull Speakers

These skull speakers Ubergizmo found may be a little creepy, but I am sure many 15 year olds would love to get their hands on them. The blue glow along with the evil dead look could be exactly what your office desk needs from a set of computer speakers. Hey, it could definitely be an addition of character or the ‘don’t mess with me’ signal.

2 The Ferrari Art Engine Speaker

This unique speaker is branded by the infamous Ferrari and presents so in every angle, section, and performance. From the powerful Ferrari Red color to the netted duct speakers for the amazing sound, this Ferrari speaker is made to perfection.

Standing at 47 inches tall, the Ferrari Art Engine aims to bring the performance associated with the vehicle to
your stereo. By the way, it comes with a limited edition Ferrari price tag of only $20,000.

3 Apple Speakers

Besides the name many have grown to love, these Apple speakers are extremely compact and esthetic looking.

Gadgetastic has presented them a while back, and I always thought these are beautiful enough to lure the likes of Snow White – an amazing Red Apple.

On a good note, they are convenient, hook up by a simple USB and can be great external computer speakers for your laptop.

4 Music Cubed

The Cubed computer speakers announced by Aving are simple, clean, and would fit perfectly in any corner of your desk.

With their dimensions of only 61.5 x 61.5 x 63mm, the size is extremely compact, and the 2-channel sound is sufficient for more than a few. You could replace the Giant Homemade Rubik’s cube subwoofer with many of these cubed speakers which would barely be noticed.

5 Godlike Speakers

All hail these Godlike computers speakers found at DVICE.

The color pattern and lord shape are actually fun and put a smile on my face. As you plug in this speaker, it is as if the gods speak out and order you to listen, so listen on.

6 Set the Mood with the Moon

The Moonlight Speakers cannot help but calm you down. As seen at Freshome, these come in various sizes, illuminate beautifully, and could help set any mood you wish. Just imagine having these in your living room for a small get-together, romantic dinner, or when reading a book alone.

7 Voodoo Doll Speakers

I know this is not a true voodoo doll, but that is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw these computer speakers at Technabob. With two separate speakers coming out of this morbid looking doll, you cannot stop and wonder what the sound will be like.

The dark color combined with the stitched eyes make these computer speakers a little more than just eerie.

8 Sony Golf Ball Sized Speakers

We sometimes attempt to rearrange oure office, so our computer desk or stereo would fit just right and
compact…and then the computer speakers mess our perfect equation. This does not have to happen with these Golf Ball Sized Speakers from Sony.

These speakers provide the sound we are used to from major Sony scomputer speaker but place it all in extremely tiny and convenient size.

9 Oversized iPod Earbud speakers

Imagine the iPod Earbuds but 500 times the regular size. That is what UberReview presented with these computer speakers.

Looking just like the iPod earbuds, these are supersized replicas to listen to the sound externally from your
laptop or desktop. It could be an Alice in Wonderland reference or simply someone who loved the earbuds so much, they never wanted to listen to music any other way.

10 Self Conscience Speaker Buddies

When I first saw these Speaker Buddies at HomeTone I kind of felt bad for them. I wondered what kind of abuse they have been through, how loud they were ordered to play the music, and why they seem so sad.

It seems that designer Alex Underwood simply wanted to combine the material with a child-like posture, no more, no less. As they come in pairs, we do not have to worry, becuase these computer speakers are truly always with a friend.

11 Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Speakers

Uncrate found these great speakers to work with your wireless Bluetooth. They remind me of the Space Cube PC for some reason but in a circle. Did that sound odd?

The orb shaped speakers work both by Bluetooth and a 3.5 Jack. Moreover, they are rechargable, so you do not have to squeeze the juice out of an external device.

12 Expandable Accordion Like Speaker

These expandable computer speakers found at TFTS are simply said cute as being small enough to fit in your

As such as they are extremely small speakers, they still provides a 2.4W output, and a full charge of its USB
rechargable battery can play music for 6-8 hours. Sound like a small decision to make.

13 The Sony Rolly

Although the Sony Rolly is more like a boombox, robot, or dancer than a computer speaker, it outputs music like all the rest and its mystery provides it a spot.

What is the Sony Rolly? Below is the original teaser commercial that makes you simply ask the question
again…’what is the Sony Rolly?’ – An extremely portable music player with built in speakers to light up and
provide the music in your next party.

Simply put!

14 Yamaha Cubed Speaker

Although there was already a cubed speaker on the list, the NX-AO1 comes straight from the major company Yamaha.

It is a little larger with 9 cm for each of its sides, but provides sound from the major sound maker Yamaha. In addition, it has a one button touch conveniently placed at the top to power the cube, mute it, or change the volume.

15 Alfa Speakers

A half alien, half oversized phone handset looking pair of speakers could add a modern look to your stereo system and living room. GeekAlerts mention these could be used as regular speakers or set up for your sound surround. Either way, I may not be able to focus on the sound with these huge speakers trying to stare me down.

16 Cute Bear Computer Speakers

Besides the cute picture, there is a user video that shows these two bears in action. Although they are able to perform pretty loud, turn down the volume a bit, for the user over did it.

You wouldn’t expect that sound from such furry bear computer speakers, but they deliver with the love for music. They are only $22.99 for a pair at SourcingMap.