Bluetooth Enabled GoGear LUXE D by Philips

Philips Luxe PMP with Bluetooth

I have had an iPod Touch for sometime now and I know how it feels to have an MP3 player that doesn’t let you play your music wirelessly. If only The GoGear LUXE D would have existed at the time I bought the iPod touch, I would have chosen it instead, especially since the Philips Luxe MP3 player works with a cellphone too.

Philips Luxe features Bluetooth 2.1 that can be paired with the cellphone so you will never miss a call while listening to your music library and favorite songs. The Mp3 player-cum-cellphone headset features an FM tuner and a strip of LCD that shows you the number of the incoming call.

The Philips GoGear LUXE features a jewel-like facet that makes it stylish for women as well. “Today’s modern women play multiple roles in their daily lives,” said Jessica Cheah, Manager for Customer Marketing, Philips Consumer Lifestyle. “They lead active lifestyles, are always connected, and never forget to look good and have fun at the same time. Philips GoGear LUXE is their perfect companion reflecting their fashion sense and personality even as it plays their favorite songs and connects their calls seamlessly.”

The Philips Luxe will be launched in Singapore next month and said to be priced at about $94 USD. It has enough battery juice to play 10 hours of music continuously and comes with on-board memory of 2GB.

Via Crave