Luggage You Can Sit On: Zuca Luggage

The Zuca Luggage allow you to sit right on it at the place of your choice.

Sometimes when we travel, we end up being stuck at the airports during extremely crowded periods. More often than we would like, there are also delays that leave us walking around with our luggage from place to place. At any of those times, have you ever had a problem finding a place to sit? Have you ever been forced to sit at a seat that may not be your first choice? With the Zuca Luggage, you can always find a place to sit.

Zuca luggage is built in a way that provides practicality both in its storage area for packing your belongings and also designed to hold your weight as a comfortable and sturdy seat. Whether you are running around at the airport, would like to find a place close to the gate, or simply need an immediate rest, Zuca lets you have your personal items and have a convenient seat with you at all times.

Although this product and design is not Travel Technologically innovative such as the Luggage Carrying Robot or the creative Luggage that Follows You, it is still practical and useful.

Thanks to Halley for the tip.