Umbrella Speaker Concept

This Umbrella Speaker Concept can make the Winter a lot more pleasurable for all of us.

Just because the Winter is here, it does not mean we have to be depressed. The Umbrella Speaker is a great invention that grants a really convenient way to listen to music in the rain. It features a built-in amplifier and 4 mini speakers at its tip.

Sure, we can all just listen to our iPod or cellphone like we usually do, but this invention can keep us a little more social. As the music is heard by the Unbrella holder only within a ‘bubble’, we are not shut out because of the earphones. It still allows us to listen to outside noise and more capable to start a conversation with passerby individuals.Even better, you can always use it as an excuse to take someone under the umbrella with you.

This Umbrella Speaker would be even better if it could combine the Weather Umbrella in it. This way, you could also tell the weather and know whether to take the iPod or Umbrella with you when leaving your home.

Via: GearCrave