Pimp My Ride HotRod Boombox Seat

Although this Hotrod Boombox is not meant for a vehicle, it reminds me of the Pimp My Ride show. This seat was resurrected from the dead and just like the six million dollar man, given a whole new powerful ability to be proud of.

Created by M11X, this HotRod Boombox seat is a sight to the eyes. It combines wonderful design, various sized speakers, HotRod metal, and the love from an artist.

Besides the images provided of the HotRod Boombox, there is a time-lapse making of video that shows in short how this seat ride was pimped out.

3 thoughts on “Pimp My Ride HotRod Boombox Seat

  1. vincent knepp.

    i have a friend his name is marcus port he has a dodge dakota 98 the transmition is shot the windshild is cracked and his ride needs pimper


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