Xbox Mods: Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 Shell

Xbox Mods continue to impress with the detail and effort presented. This Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 Shell mod may be great as a branded gaming console, but it lacks actual creativity.

We have seen some amazing Xbox 360 mods before such as the original Gears of War Xbox Mod, the Alligator Skin Xbox Shell, and there is even a Gears of War 2 Zune. The thing about this specific branded Xbox 360 is that it reminds of the Zune product but the creativity and actual creation is not presented such as the others.

Yes, it is still something worthwhile and desired, but it simply seems like a well painted game console. For fans it is a must, but for Xbox modders it will probably not be take serious.

Via: Kotaku

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