Google Voice Search on iPhone

Did you know that you can now voice search via Google? Yes, that’s right, the search engine giant has now gone ‘voice’-mode. The catch? You need an iPhone to make use of the function.

If you haven’t heard, Google has unveiled an iPhone App that enables search functionality via the iPhone; you have to appreciate Google for its sense of innovation. It is truly revolutionary stuff which goes well with a smartphone that has undoubtedly raised the standard for cellular phone.

Google launches voice search for iPhone users

The good news is that this application is actually free. Users of the iPhone App can speak into the iPhone’s microphone and pose their questions. For example, you can a question like, “Where is the closest Apple store?” This info is then relayed into the iPhone and ends up being translated by Google’ servers. Neat stuff.

Handsfree applications have been welcomed by consumers simply to get things done faster while you multitask. Using voice for search sounds like a great idea. Hats off to Google for coming up with it and also finally adding Gmail Voice and Video Chats.

I’ll have to wait and see when Google can apply a similar function for users of laptops and notebooks as well. That would even more exciting and futuristic than speaking into an iPhone.

Source: Gizmodo