Classic Video Games Copycats on the iPhone

Do you remember Space Invaders? How about Marble Madness, Mattel Football, Arkanoid or the popular Tetris? Now you can have some copycats or retro rip offs of some these great games right on your Apple iPhone.

With the confortable screen of the iPhone, it makes it a lot easier to watch video, surf the net and actually play simple games on the go. But, since we always go back to what we are so familiar with, it is great to have the classic games available to mess around with. They do not require too much thinking, the graphics are not amazing enough to distract your attention, and we are simply pros in these games.

Here are the few mentioned, so we can really appreciate the iPhone in bringing the past to us.

Tris (Tetris)

Space Invasion (Space Invaders)

LED Football (Mattel Football)

AeroGyro (Marble Madness)

Blockbreaker Delux 2 (Arkanoid)

For the complete list of 10 Retro Video Games Copycats on the iPhone, check out the link below.

Via: Asylum