Bible Writing Robot Hands: The Bible Scribe

The Bible has been written, scribbled, and written in many different ways and fashions, but now with Bible Scribe, it is written with Robot Hands. The Bible Scribe from Robotlab is an amazing robotic creation; combining two different world into one.

Religion and Technology are put together to write out the entire Bible. The Robot Scribe begins in the Old Testament and goes out entirely to finish the book, writing in high precision and beautiful calligraphy the Holy Book (video below).

‘bios [bible]’ is focussing on the questions of faith and technical progress. The installation correlates two cultural systems which are fundamental for societies today – religion and scientific rationalism. In this contexts scripture has all times an elementary function, as holy scripture or as formal writing of knowledge.

I love it. I think this is great and kind of funny – the Bible being written by machine.

Via: The Daily Dish