Thought Screen Helmet: A New Gadget Against Aliens

The Thought Screen Helmet is a new gadget to defend against Aliens.

Are you afraid of being abducted by aliens? Have you been a part of Alien Sightings? If you said Yes, then you’re not alone. Many people believe that we aren’t the only ones in this universe and that extra-terrestrial life forms are smarter than us.

Having said that, many fear that when aliens capture humans, they will want to study our ‘primitive’ culture. Hence, there is a new gadget out there that can prevent you from being a subject of alien studies, and it’s called the Thought Screen Helmet.


The Helmet costs about $30 to make and Stopabductions (who, by the way are also terrified of abductions), have developed a (DIY) method to make these hi-tech anti-abduction shields. By using Velostat, which is an electric shielding material as opposed to regular tin foil, the makers of this wonder hat are able to halt alien telepathic transmission. Apparently, it takes eight of these Velostat shields to come up with required stuff to stop telepathic signals from entering your brain.

Yap! This is definitely another foolish Alien Gadget to acquire for those of you have a crafty streak in you this Christmas season.

Inventor Michael Menkin explains that these thought screen devices fit nicely inside any hat or helmet. If you feel that alien signals are too strong, you have the option of adding yet another layer of Velostat – definitely scary stuff.

Menkin also warns that you need to make the shield quickly and put it on as fast as you can. This is so that you can effectively block out alien signals prompting you to stop messing around with the Velostat and start doing some real work.

Source: Gizmodiva