The Daybed Internet Chair

From out-of the-box designs to space-spacing concepts, the furniture industry seems to have had a glossed experience of almost everything. But comfort in the guise of ergonomic designs has not been put to rest.

The problem with ‘sitting-jobs’ is a growing belly and a host of back problems. However, this chair might just take care of people like me from the blogsphere and who are Surfaholics!


The Daybed Chair takes care of your back while you tick away your fingers on your laptop. It doesn’t let you hunch and helps you maintaining a good posture. Hmm…with posture being the vital aspect of an individual’s persona, this chair is certainly game for good. I just hope the chair is not cozy enough to put me to sleep.

In addition, style eclipses this chair too such as the Color Changing Coffee Table, so no worries about a black sheep in your home décor. ManuelSaez is the commendable designer behind this.

Via Dvice