Christmas Wallpaper Themes and Designs for your Holiday Desktop

Update: for many more designs and images, check out the newest Christmas Wallpaper post, covering 23 Christmas, geek inspired and fun wallpapers.

More than a few love to get into the Christmas spirit way beyond simple decorations and shopping, and these Christmas Wallpaper Themes and Designs allow you to bring the Holiday straight to your Computer Desktop.

Christmas has moved further than just Christmas Gadgets such as the Santa Webcam, Christmas Darth Vader Snowglobe, or the Santa Claus Remote Control Helicopter and provides decorations, themes, concepts, and designs where many of us spend most of our time…on our computers. Below are a few selected Wallpapers for Christmas that are beautifully designed and well presented.

You can find over 50 additional Christmas Themed Wallpapers and Designs for your desktop where these came from.

Via: Hongkiat