Security Cameras are not Threatening CCTVS

Daruma Doll Like CCTV
Daruma Doll Like CCTV

Surveillance Cameras are always a dare thing to the thieves but it gives a creepy feeling to the normal public too, making them to feel it like Big Brother is watching. To give it a break and scare less individuals, a new shape of CCTV era begins in japan which is well renowned for its friendliness.

There are two kinds of CCTV’s now released:
– one of which is molded with a wooden body giving it a natural look in order to give guests a sense of security without spoiling the design and tradition.

– The other type is to have a CCTV fit inside a doll; kind of sounding like a hidden Spy Gadget. Even though it’s labeled “security camera” people take it with friendliness and they don’t be panic any more.

Via Crunchgear