Antivirus XP 2009 Software Alert

Fake AntiVirus Software

A Russian based hacker made an easy $158,000 by giving A fake Antivirus XP 2009 rubbish software to Americans.

This breach alerts the users of several infections in their computer and directs to download a software package called Anti Virus XP 2009 (claiming as an Anti virus but its not!). This provides the users a sense of virus cleaning which really doesn’t do any kind of cleaning process other than injecting an actual virus. We can expect this kind of breach with the caption Antispam, PopUpblocker, Firewall etc.

If you came across this kind of warning beware and do not download the Antivirus XP 2009.

A kind note to Walyou readers: If you come across any of Software Ad and suspect something may be wrong, try to check if the site is SSL encrypted or not. If it’s not, the next step is to check it with google search using the following syntax

site:”” if it’s a malicious site then google had a warning note below the sites description stating that “this site may harm your computer ” or like this in the search window. Then you can be sure that it’s a suspect and should not to proceed beyond it.