Tesla Coils Car Burglar Alarm

Tesla Coils are always amazing to look at, and now one is used as a Burglar Alarm.

Peter, an Australian who is fond of experimenting with Tesla coils has created a burglar alarm that should scare away any prospective thief. The literally electrifying alarm consists of a Tesla coil placed on top of a car. A rod would jut out towards the ground and when switched on, the electrifying sparks would encircle the car and put the thief in a mortal dilemma.

Tesla has encouraged many to create wacky stuff like the Tesla Coils Guitar Amp and also the bizarre Tesla Coils Mario Theme. If you think it is quite inhuman to scare away burglars with electrifying sparks, which do more mental damage than physical, you could opt for the Car Stereo Deters Thieves.

I would say, more than scaring away potential burglars, the Tesla coil based anti theft device for the cars would look cool and is quite a spectacle. It sure would be fun to see electric blue encircling your car and create an almost sci-fi effect right in the midst of your garden, if you choose to park your car there. And of course, the neighbors may hesitate to drop in for tea or for dinner when you invite them, against fear of being electrocuted.

Via: EnvironmentalGraffiti