Scary Looking Cleaning Robot

Yasukawa Electric Corporation has unveiled a Scary Looking Cleaning Robot called the SmartPal V. The bot comes with three fingers and nine joints with which it can navigate and detect objects, and follows commands so that you can continue to be lazy and yet get the work done.

The bot is meant fir non-industrial purposes, which suggests that you could use it safely in your home and office environments. The manufacturers even claim that the Robot will keep an eye on you, if you think you need somebody to watch over you. However, the robot looks menacing and could entertain you by molesting toy pandas.

Like the Celebrity Look Alike Robots, the SmartPal V is quite talkative too. Unlike the Realistic Facial Expressions Robot, SmartPal V looks stony enough to scare away anyone. Just like the Robot Dog from HPI Robotics, SmartPal V can prove to be a great companion, which not only entertains you but also cleans your house and detect things you have misplaced. I would say the Robot is just right for commercial spaces, office environments and in your home, where you would expect to lose things fast and get the place dirty faster.


Via: BotJunkie