Prank USB Flash Drive is a Fun USB Gadget

Would you like to Prank your co-workers with a simple USB Flash Drive? We all know the answer for that, so this Fun USB Gadget was created to make your life easier.

This USB Flash Drive is a great prank that does not deserve any programming skills, difficult preparation or any real effort. This USB Gadget is simply a flash drive that you can connect to any computer as you would a regular one. The only difference is the pranks it plays on the helpless victim.

This New Gadget has 3 pranks it offers: Caps-Lock On/Off toggle, random words and phrases typing, and also random mouse movements. In addition, there is a time switch, so you can set the intervals of these different pranks to play out to be spanned out, so not to cause any suspicion. While your co-worker will curse the heavens that his/her computer is possessed and is acting out crazy with the caps lock, random phrases and inability to have control over the mouse, you will sit on the side and think this is the best money spent for such a Fun Gadget.

You can get your own for only $14.99 at