Geek Gadget Counts Your Bites

If you have a kid who doesn’t chew food properly, you may go ahead and try Nitto Kagaku’s Kami Kami Bite Counter Geek Gadget. The device counts every chew and when the user reaches 30 chews, it beeps so he or she can swallow. In addition to this it even plays a song if 1000 chews are completed. This fun gadget is definitely created with well meant intentions, but it is just a little short of being inhuman to make a child wear such a device while eating. On the contrary, some kids may like the idea of wearing this while eating but the novelty will definitely wear off.

The device needn’t be used by just kids as it has been proven that chewing food many times helps in the digestion process. If you were looking for a similar gadget, you may perhaps like to know How To Make Brushing Your Teeth Fun. Coming back to the Bite Counter, I wonder if people would actually use it, though it is a novel way to encourage proper chewing of food.

Proper chewing of food has been known to reduce obesity, improve circulation, increase stamina and vigor and even help children in assimilating what has been consumed. With so many advantages with a geek gadget that measures the number of chews, I do not see why it shouldn’t be bought. It could however have been made slightly usable and easy to be used.

Via: Urlesque