Bubble Wrap Calendar Design

The Bubble Wrap Calendar Design looks like one of the most fun ways to keep track of the Calendar Days and Dates.

I love different designs that add some fun to a practical daily product. This Bubble Wrap Calendar Design from PerpetualKid definitely looks like one that fits that criteria, just like the Matches Calendar Design we previously seen. As we all are familiar with the bubble wrap that is used for product shipping, this Calendar design plays on that same factor.

As a kid I used to love popping the Bubble Wrap bubbles and always make sure to get my hands on it. Heck, I still love popping it today. In this cool Bubble Calendar Design, we get to pop the days off as each day passes. Of course, the difficulty would be to do only one a day, but maybe we could hold off a few days and then pop the entire week once we arrive to the weekend.