Floppy Disk CD Cover Gadget Design

The CD Disc Packaging gadget design by Adam Faja is a kitschy and retro way to store your favorite game, music and software CDs . The designer packaged the CD in a black floppy disk case and created a cool retro design, which would make sure your favorite CDs are housed in an arty package. The designer also got the track list printed on a pink lined card, which makes the whole deal look cool.

Imagine surprising your friends with a couple of CDs on their birthdays, in which you could handpick your friend’s favorite tracks and package the CD in a retro floppy disk case! I am sure most would find it amusing if not shocking.

We have also featured other retro and arty designs like the Vinyl Wave Design, the Cassette Tape USB Hub, and the Space Invaders Headphones. In a couple of years, perhaps iPods will be part of the retro gadgets, who knows!

Via: LikeCool