Music Light Bulb Concept

It doesn’t surprise me to see the new gadget factory flipping music-centered gadgets on the consumer’s shelves. The principle reason being music is single-handedly capable to transport us into a parallel world. The SoundBulb Concept too banks on this idea and had integrated the basic lighting devices with music capabilities.

These Bulbs would double as wireless speakers with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. The designers (Hoang M Nguyen, Poom Puttorngul & Anh Nguyen) were prudent enough to bring the durability to their idea by providing for replaceable part. This was very thoughtful for objects of daily use are most subject to wear-tear. However, it isn’t free from the basic heating problems of Bulbs and no words as to how the design guys are going keep this heat away from the speakers that rest within.

But with such promising concepts, I am sure that day isn’t far where every object in our cave wouldn’t cease to amaze us. Check out the Portable Light bulbs and Flat Bulb concept that make up for alternate lighting arrangements.

Via GadgetVenue