Virtual Bike Lane Lamp Concept

While some design folks ceaselessly churning out environment friendly vehicles, some have taken up the baton of revolutionizing traffic management methods. The Virtual Plasma Crosswalk exemplifies a notable creation focusing on pedestrian safety. However, the LightLane Concept lets the buyer create a trail behind them, thereby alarming other drivers in the vicinity. It also helps the preceding vehicle to keep safe distance from the bike thus diminishing chances of road mishaps. This concept is believed to work wonders for only few streets have dedicated bike lanes because of the hefty cost involved therein. Alex Tee and Evan Gant from a design-firm in Massachusetts are the brains behind this LightLane system which uses a laser to throw up a crispy virtual bike lane into the pavement. With looming energy crisis, Electric Bikes will be a convenient option in future and this LightLane concept will only make bike-riding safe during the dark.

Via Core77