Bluetooth Steering Wheel

It is almost a ritual to play music while driving to kill the monotony and what better way than to use a Bluetooth Car Adapter which could be mounted on a car’s steering wheel! It comes with an FM radio, mic and speakers and you could even speak handsfree on your phone. This device must truly be a godsend to those who drive for long hours.

The device also comes with an LCD screen, which displays the caller’s ID and other activities. The Bluetooth Car Adapter comes with an SD card slot, a rechargeable battery, and other goodies. The device costs 48.90 Euros and is well worth the price.

If you have a teenage kid, you could check out the Bluetooth Cellphone Jammer which makes sure the cellphone is on ‘driving mode’ and that no one uses it. Bluetooth Car Adapter can not only entertain you and keep you connected but can also help you avoid accidents.

Via: TechPin