Geekiest Math Clock in the World

If Math has been your favorite subject and you love getting your mind worked up even for the simplest of things, you may perhaps like the Math Clock. True to its name, the Math Clock comes with undecipherable notations, which are equivalent to the particular number.

If you are good at notations and mathematical jazz, I am sure you would love to flaunt this clock and perhaps your skills at numbers too. Well, if this were the geekiest math clock you have ever seen in your life, may I suggest you to take a look at a few other products we have featured earlier!

The Math Clock for Geeks is a welcome addition to the one described above. In fact, you could get the Math Wristwatch and the Square Root Wristwatch to complement your geekish collection of timepieces. You could take a look at the meaning of these notions here after you shell out $20 for the Math Clock.

Thanks Chris for the tip.

Via: Etsy