GPS Coin Concept Decides for You

Making decisions about restaurants and other places has always been a problem for most indecisive people and the “Inbi-Out” by designer Ju-Wei Chen seeks to address this problem. Inbi-Out is a GPS coin which allows you to ‘toss and decide’ like you would with a good old metallic coin.

In addition to this, the Inbi-Out also comes up with a GPS enabled solution on its screen, which guides you with direction, information etc. This technically advanced coin even stores recorded information for future reference. However, the product may not materialize for quite sometime.

Other new gadgets that guide you to a certain place include the USB Gadget Coins, the GPS Teddy Bear, and the GPS Drawing. However, the GPS enabled Inbi-Out coin impresses us all with its ability make decisions for us along with it’s guiding and navigational features.

Via: Yankodesign