Cool Shoot ‘Em Up Villains Design

Villains always have a place in our hearts, whether they are in movies, video games, or even cartoons, and this shoot up villans design makes them even cooler.

ever since I was a child, I always thought that villains usually had better lines, better fashion sense (Darth Vader vs. Obi Wan) and also had better weapons (Megatron vs. Optimus Prime). They may not have won at the end, but they still deserve the respect due. This shoot ’em design brings them to the front and gets you to challenge your shooting skills.

This particular design by Olly Moss is also up as a Tee Shirt on Threadless. It utilizes really worthy villains that could inspire you to want to take over the world or get a little smirk out of you. This Villain lineup includes Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, Godzilla, Megatron of the Transformers, Mr. Smith from the Matrix, the popular Super Mario Brothers simple enemy, Space Invaders aliens, the Terminator, and even a zombie for a great ending.

I am not certain which you would prefer to shoot first or whether you would want to actually joing the Dark Side.