Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 9

In this Walyou Weekly Roundup we touch on two Valentine Gift Ideas both for men and women, cool camera lens filter design, cool painted gaming mods, space invaders which cool your drinks, illuminated clothing, gun replicas, and much more.

We hope you enjoy this week’s roundup, and as we always mention, please send us tips to [email protected] if you run by other cool stuff to fit in Walyou’s roundups or for cool featured posts.

Pixel Art Gallery of Video Games

Atari Flashback Neon Lamp

Camera Lens Filter an Amazing Calendar Design

3D Pacman Silicon Hothead Kitchen Gadget

Fiber Optic Lights Make for a Bright Fashion Statement

Space Invaders Game in your Ice Box

Sadistic Valentine Gift Watch for Him or Her

Painted Gaming Mods: NES, SNES and PS1

Fender Electric Guitars Coffee Table Designs

Gigapan Epic Imager Available

It’s Elemental: a Periodic Table Duvet

Kid on Drugs After the Dentist and the Animated Version

Nikon D3 Chopped in Half

Aigo MP3 Player Leaves me feeling Puzzled

The Vader project

Rubik’s Cube 360 follow up to cube set to frustrate from February

Bacon Clock Wakes You Up Hungry Every Time

Watermelon Mouth

Pumpboard the pump up skateboard