Monkey Jungle Toy is Solar Powered Robot

Most of us love monkeys, and how could we not? They are cute animals that could make us laugh so easily, and so does this monkey jungle toy that comes both as a built it yourself robot and is also a solar-powered gadget.

The Orangutan robot is a perfect toy for your in-home monkey jungle, since it isn’t easy to get a pet monkey like Ross from friends did. This cool toy is easy to assemble and requires just a few minutes and a screwdriver and along with some sunlight (or 100 Watt bulb light) it will climb across a string entertaining all monkey and robot lovers.

This monkey’s colors may not resemble a golden monkey as much as the colors themselves do, but it still a cute pet alternative for those that love cute little animals, but do not want the fur or cleanup that comes with. In addition, care is a lot cheaper, for the monkey itself costs only $14.99 at