Star Wars Jedi Knight Puki Doll

Pukis are always associated with Halflings and Orcs, creatures from a world which is dark and brooding, unlike the happy world we strive to live in. They are known for their wild and ferocious disposition who go around in their independent minded journeys all across. Especially in Star Wars, the Puki has a rather cool part to play. Puki is a hate machine who is also blessed with some awesome intelligence in a Star Wars Jedi Knight doll.

Netherwood Creations has designed a beautiful Puki Jedi Knight in tribute to the Star Wars. The doll is clad in brown and has the look of a fallen angel who is seeking out for redemption, though there isn’t a sign of hate on Puki’s face. The ears don’t look menacing but look cute. Quite contrary to a Puki’s character. However, there certainly is a melancholic look in the figure’s expression and reminds me of a gothic character that is sullen and melancholic to say the least, but beautiful in every sense.

The designer of the lovely doll certainly knows the story behind Pukis and their association with Jedis of Star Wars. If I could ever lay my hands on them, I would certainly buy, no matter what the cost of these dark and beautiful dolls are going to be! Do check out some more Star Wars inspired creations like the Star Wars Steampunk Art and the Death Vader Head that we have featured earlier.