Ninja Stars Push Pin Design


If you had been nurturing hatred towards someone in the office or at school, you would want to buy the Ninja Star Push Pins. You can go ahead and paste a menacing note against their cubicle or table. The Star Push Pins come in a set of three and each of the stars has a corner cut off and when you embed the pin in the wall, it would seem like you have done so with great force.

This would be the closest your office will ever get to a full blown ninja attack. These pins are made of injection molded ABS and also have a shiny and authentic chrome plated finish. You could use these stars to stick notes of an aggressive nature and make the person being targeted feel intimidated and freak out.


They will definitely wonder how the note got in there and who could have stuck these ninja pins with such brutal force. Later, you can all have a great laugh about these cool Ninja Stars which not only look great but would also break the monotony of life. Each set of Ninja Star Push Pins cost $12 at and are worth buying in case you are into practical jokes.