Shower Surround Looks As if It Belongs on the Star Trek Enterprise


Aquapeutics Luxury Steam Shower U6810 is quite a long name for a shower but considering its price, I think it is quite understandable. The Aquapeutics Shower costs $4,300 and could be one of the most expensive shower pods you have ever come across. The shower looks like it is made for a science fiction film or Star Trek, to be more precise.

The product not only looks futuristic but also has compelling features like its own water heater and comes with a powerful steam generator. It has other features typically found in high-end showering gadgets like the in-tub massage jets, Jacuzzi, foot massager and the much needed water proof TV and mp3 player. The underwater LED lights will definitely make the shower surround experience ‘bright’, and you wouldn’t have to worry much about cleaning the feature-rich product as it comes with a self-cleaning sterilization mode.

What doesn’t convince me however is the ‘acupuncture massage jets’. I wonder if that means the jets of water would pierce your skin to heal your aching body! Well, on a serious note, the Aquapeutics Shower looks quite chic and elegant too, apart from looking like it was made for the year 2090. Apparently, the device uses a lot of power so be warned and if you are one of those who love green products, this one isn’t for you. Talking about futuristic stuff, I remember we had written about the Star Trek Theme Home Theater which would be a good adition along with this shower surround device.