Pizza Pillow Makes Me Hungry


The Pizza Pillow design is a cute one for pizza lovers and food lovers as a whole. It may not give you a pick of your own pizza toppings, but it does provide the ability to have your own Pizza pie with you even while you sleep.

We have seen some odd food designs for food lovers, such as the awesome full size Hamburger Bed and the knitted Cheeseburger, and this pillow from Stupiodiotic is not any different and costs only $18. It still allows us the ability to be by our favorite food while we sleep and looks just as delicious by making us comfortable without adding any additional calories we would feel guilty about.

For those of you who prefer one Pizza topping over another, at least you know that the mushroom, pepperoni, olives and bell peppers would not stink up your bed like any other Pizza slice, and you do not have to worry about your loved one getting angry about eating in bed.