Apple and Twitter making iTwitter?


The latest from the world of Social Media is that Apple has approached with an incredible offer to buy Twitter. While it is stale news that both Facebook and Google have been eying on this Micro-blogging giant, Twitter may soon be bought by apple, in a shocking development.

Apple apparently has approached Twitter and has agreed to pay an amount of $700 million in cash, up front. This kind of amount is too big for even a company that is as huge as Apple. Moreover, it is not clear how Apple plans to use Twitter as they are not quite into either web services or social media. It would be interesting to see how this supposed buyout would take shape.

Apple may be considering this as an opportunity to make an entry into the world of Social Media and also shake Google’s belief of being the sole proprietor of the Internet. If Apple begins to tread the Internet path, there would perhaps be a solution to the growing monopoly Online, which has already begun buying many Social networking companies.

Nevertheless, Twitter itself is a company that still has not figured out how it can generate a profitable revenue or how the 25 million users can be capitalized. These and many other issues need to be figured out by those at Apple if they plan to create an iTwitter. The deal, if finalized, would be confirmed before June 8. One can only wait and watch what happens in Web 2.0 while the bigwigs fight it out.

While the companies battle it out, one may read something lighter like Baby Tweet. If that does not interest you, you could try the Yammer which is a Twitter-like service for companies.

Via: Electric Pig