New Wolverine Claws are Homemade and Crazy


Sometimes, a simple knife or a gun is just not cool enough to look lethal. in order to look real mean and dangerous, you may have to become something like Wolverine., While it is not possible for us to grow retractable claws, we can at least build them and attach them to our arms like prostheses. Here is a guy who had a similar thought and has created these really lethal Wolverine claws which you can use to claw around your house, if you are a nice person.

However, if you are not nice enough, you should not be reading about Wolverine Claws in the first place. All you would need to do to get the claws retracts is just flex your biceps. When you do so, the claws retract just like Wolverine’s does. Perhaps now is the time to show people and your enemies that you are not a gun toting wimp but a formidable mutant who comes with mean claws that tear the flesh of pesky enemies who are not worth their salt.

If you have already fallen in love with these Homemade Wolverine claws, you should start getting busy with your mechanic kit and begin to build your own as well. If you are not really into violence and would rather now blow people’s heads, you could try an alternate method by checking out the Funny Wolverine where Blow Up takes a totally different meaning.