Fish Locating Wristwatch Gadget from Hummingbird


Hummingbird RF35 wrist watch is a gadget that kills the romance in the activity of fishing. Fishing is almost a sport for lazy bums who can spend many worthy afternoons of their lives by the bank of a river or lake waiting for the fish to bite.

However, with technology changing and evolving everyday one cannot but expect a significant change in the way we fish. Hummingbird RF35 wrist watch comes with a unique wireless sonar sensor technology which detects fish up to 75 feet away and also those that are located 120 feet deep. This means, you could use this fish detecting watch to the deep sea as well thanks to the 90 degree sonar beam.

This gadget will make fishing so easy that lazy people will have to find alternate excuses to convince people that really are doing something worthwhile. Perhaps these lazy bums will begin to find other hobbies like counting crows or birds that fly above their heads. Coming back to Hummingbird RF35 wrist watch, it does not look particularly stylish but certainly is packed with a number of features. The 1.25 inch display allows you to check the information easily in real time.

The backlit display helps you catch fish even when it dark. When not in us, the Hummingbird RF35 wrist watch  functions as a regular wrist watch that you can wear. At about $80, it is a rather cheap gadget if you take your fishing seriously. If you are still keen on other navigational devices, you could check out the quirky GPS Coin Concept. If you are afraid of falling asleep while fishing, you could try the Sleeptracker Elite Watch.