18 Best Nerf Guns Mods

Nerf guns are fine and dandy as Forrest Gump might say, but modded Nerf Guns? Awesome doesn’t begin to describe it, and the options and opportunities are limitless: From Steampunk designs modelled after Bioshock to a gun resembling the one Han Solo used to shoot first.

Nerf Praxis Sci-fi Aliens Flamethrower Flame Gun

Nerf Praxis Sci-fi Aliens Flamethrower flame gun modeThe creator of this flamethrower considers it to be some sort of homage to Alien, the best sci-fi horror film ever made. It doesn’t look like much, but it’ll get the work done if you imagine hard enough. More details about this nerf gun can be found here.

Firefly Special Nerf Mod

Firefly Special Nerf Mod

For a big Firefly fan and especially for people looking to make the perfect appearance in some convention, this Firefly inspired gun is a must-have addition to your cosplay, including scuffed off Alliance flags have been replaced by the Browncoats logo, and features Blue Sun manufacturing stickers. Available for $55.

Shark Teeth Modded Nerf Gun

Shark teeth front Modded nerf clear

For those who are thinking about The Punisher or even Deadpool, you’re not wrong. This is not made for kids, because of how difficult it is to charge. You can get it for $130.00.

Nerf Stryfe Tactical Stryfe – [S.W.A.T. Series]

Nerf Stryfe Tactical Stryfe -mod cosplay

From a simple looking gun to the most advanced tactical, close quarters fighting equipment imaginable. Anyone who has this during Nerf-Combat is going to have a huge advantage. It can be yours for $175.

Nerf Cyberpunk Steampunk Mod

nerf cyberpunk steampunk mode nerf gun

Personally, I have a thing for Steampunk things and especially guns. Anything that reminds me of Bioshock Infinite is a winner in my book. Available for $77.

Steampunk Judge Dredd Pistol

Steampunk Judge Dredd pistol

Walking around, shouting “I am the Law” doesn’t really work well without your very own Steampunk, Judge Dredd inspired pistol. Or you can walk around saying nothing like in the later film version, which is probably better. With a gun like this, you don’t need to do any talking.

Fioras Steampunk Nerf

Fioras Steampunk NERF cosplay modIt’s incredible how well a modded Nerf Gun can look.

Apocalyptic Zombie Vampire Nerf

nerf mode Apocalyptic Zombie Vampire

A fully functional and motorized Nerf dart gun, which has range of up to 75 feet. For those looking for something a little bit special when they go out and do some Nerf shooting, this creation (And other things DarkHaunt makes) is perfect. Available for $125.

Nerf Maverick Pirate Time Traveler Space Captain

Green and Silver Steampunk Nerf Maverick Pirate Time Traveler Space CaptainThe coolest thing about this gun isn’t it’s look (which is great anyway), but the short backstory to it, making it the pistol of a time traveling pirate. Available for $34.95.

SHIELD Agent Inspired Nerf Mod

SHIELD agent inspired Nerf mode Pistol

S.H.I.E.L.D. suck. Their guns don’t. Available for $51.18.

Nerf Strongarm White

Nerf strongarm white

The thing I love the most about this gun is it’s worn out look. Available for $80.

Star Wars Blaster Pistol Nerf Gun

nerf mode  star wars blaster pistol gun

A nerf gun for a nerf herder, or Han Solo. You didn’t think you’d make it through this list without one Star Wars reference, did you? More pictures and information can be found here.

Custom Painted Nerf Hammershot

best nerf guns steampunk harley quinn

Some think this is a Harley Quinn inspired gun. Maybe. But it’s speciality is the worn-out look it has, and the subtle yet impressive work done in modding this nerf gun into something a lot more formidable. Available for $80.

Steampunk Styled Nerf Fireflys

steampunk styled Nerf FireflysSome more Firefly, this time with a upgraded militaristic look. More details here

Fallout 4 Institute Pistol

fallout 4 nerf modAre you a Synth? Actually, even if you are, you might now know. But if you’re using this gun, you just might be. More information in this gun can be found here.

Maliwan Borderlands Styled Nerf Doublestrike
best nerf mode guns Maliwan Borderlands Styled Nerf Doublestrike

A beautiful handmade piece based off of the Maliwan gun maker from the game Borderlands, and while it will mean something special to Borderlands fans or Cosplayers, it’s great to have even without that connection. Available for $75.

Steampunk Nerf Gun

best nerf mode Steampunk Nerf Gun

For those looking for the classic, clean Steampunk/Victorian look when they have a Nerf Gun. You can check out more details here

Avengers Nerf Gun Mod

This is a Custom made Agent Phil Coulson Destroyer Nerf Demolisher Gun mod

Custom made Agent Phil Coulson Destroyer Nerf Demolisher Gun modeMore S.H.I.E.L.D, only a lot more awesome than usual. You can get more information here.

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