Microsoft Zune HD, Darth Vader Plush, Social Media Icons and More [Walyou Roundup]

This week we witnessed some cool releases that include the new Terminator salvation, Google Chrome 2.0, and even the new Microsoft Zune HD. In addition to these, there were some additional great posts that are a bit funny, some cool designs, free social media icons for download and much more.

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Meanwhile…have fun with the Roundup!

Cool posts at Walyou:

1. Social Media Icons Origami

2. Microsoft Zune HD

3. Tetris Pots

4. Bacon iPod Shuffle Cover

5. Darth Vader Talking Plush

Other fun posts from around the Blogsphere:

1. Sackboy Star Wars Costumes

2. Awesome Nintendo Characters Smarties Candy Dispensers

3. Guitar-Shaped Backpack Made from Pratesi Leather

4. Today’s Cry – Spiderman to the Rescue

5. Sliced Break Notebooks – The Best thing Since Sliced Bread

6. If Kim Jong-Il Was on Twitter

7. 25 Logos with Hidden Messages

8. Seven Legged Calf Lives Short but Glorious Life