Soft RSS Icon Pillow for Tired Geeks!


Most geeks often have to spend long sleepless nights and still sleep simply eludes them after all that tiring work and long gaming sessions. Their minds keep lingering in cyber space. Well this soft RSS Icon Pillow might just make them feel at home in real world and transport them to comfortable sleep zone.

Orange RSS Icon is one of the coolest graphically designed logo. No wonder this simple icon has inspired designers to use it for geeky lampshades and cushions. It is quite aesthetic and geeky design. Soft RSS Icon Pillow comes from Craftsquatch and is made of polyester filled soft washable fleece and is 12”x 12” in size.  It costs only $15 and can be ordered here. One can get custom made pillows of different colors too. Apple fans may also like Mac inspired Pillows.

RSS Icon Pillow would be ideal gift for over worked tired geeks. The famous RSS feed logo design might just feed good sound sleep into tired brain circuitry. Geek homes are really becoming virtual and unreal with all these cyber world inspired designs. Finally real and virtual worlds are merging.

Via: Wired